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2022 - 2023 Fees


We charge each dancer an annual registration fee of $20.

This covers both gymnastics at Chilliwack Gymnastics Club and dance at Chilliwack Dance School. If you have already registered for gymnastics this year, you do not have to pay the $20 registration fee for dance classes.

Family discount rate: $35 per family.
Our year runs September to August but if you register online your membership will be good for 12 months no matter when you register.


Dance Instruction


All regular group classes have the same fee structure.
All prices include GST

Considering "year" to mean ten months Sept to June:

weekly 30 min classes: $390 per yr, or $39 per month

weekly 45 min classes: $490 per yr, or $49 per month

weekly 60 min classes: $590 per yr, or $59 per month

for 10 months September to June.

Solos and Duos

weekly 15 min solo time: $520 per yr, or $52 per month 

weekly 15 min duo time:  $350 per yr, or $35 per month per dancer

Half Hour Private Lesson$26

Half Hour Semi-Private Lesson $17.50 each ($35 total).


Multiple Classes of One Style

If your dancer participates in 2 group classes of the same style of dance you pay for the total time of that style, not for 2 classes. Example: tap choreo ages 8 - 10 and tap choreo ages 10 - 12, plus tap technique. Total = 90 minutes. Solos and duos calculated separately.


weekly 90 min of one style:  $790 per yr, or   $79 per month

weekly 1 hr 45 min of 1 st: $890 per yr, or   $89 per month

weekly 2 hrs of one style:     $990 per yr, or   $99 per month

weekly 3 hrs of one style:   $1360 per yr, or $136 per month

Free Class

Pay for 3 classes of dance covering 3 styles for any one dancer, and get a 4th class free. Example: pay for hip hop, ballet, and tap. Get baton or jazz or acro for free.

One of your paid classes may be gymnastics,  downstairs in the Chilliwack Gymnastics Club. Solos and duos not included.

For details about short-term classes and rates, see the prices on the schedule.


If your dancer has been invited by the teacher to participate

in the Surrey Festival of Dance or any other

competition, you have the right to accept or

decline. Entry fees apply. $23 - $85 per student

in 2021 at competitions, depending on whether

it is a group, trio, duo, or solo entry. Plus extra

admin costs and rental of rehearsal space. Please

indicate on your registration form whether you

would like to be a part of this. Fees due Nov-Jan

each year for competitions happening in Feb-May.



In June we will have a year-end show. There is no extra fee to participate, but audience members, even parents, will need to purchase a ticket.

Tickets $12 each in 2022

Children 4 and under free

Parents helping with tickets etc: free.


Dance Attire

You are responsible for providing your dancer with proper dance clothing and footwear for class. This includes tap shoes for tap classes, and ballet shoes for ballet classes. Come dressed to move - stretchy clothing is ideal, particularly body suit and tights. For hip hop classes running shoes are fine. Baton classes: you must purchase a baton that fits your dancer. We can supply one if that makes it easier. Cost will be whatever the going rate is at the time, probably about $25 - $30.

For more information about attire requirements visit our Details Page.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel at any time with no notice. However, you must actually cancel so we know we have an available spot in the class. Don't just stop coming without notifying us and later expect a refund for past classes not attended. We will consider you enrolled and taking a spot even if you aren't attending. Also, please if you need to cancel, don't just stop payments at your bank without notifying us. Give us a call! We will cancel your post-dated payments no problem and withdraw you from the class.



Costumes are required for participation in competitions, parades, and in the year-end show/recital in June. We encourage all students to participate. 

We make an effort to keep costume costs down to $40 - $75 per dancer per dance. Some could be a bit more or cheaper. For solos and small groups there may be costumes available for rent. Rental price is $13 per full costume. 

Most of our costumes are purchased from a costume company.
It is the teacher's choice whether you will be expected to find or sew your own costume, rent from the studio, buy one on your own that the teacher has chosen, or buy one that the teacher or studio has purchased.


Payment Method


We accept cheques, cash, interac, credit cards, subsidies such as Jump Start, e-transfers, and home school PO #s. Contact Donna to make arrangements. Sorry no automatic debit at this time, but if you register online you can set up automatic credit card payments. Try your debit visa.


To pay by email:
Send email money transfers (interac e-transfers) to If you are required by your bank to create a password make it simple such as the name of the city (Chilliwack). Otherwise no password is needed at our end, so please leave a note so we know what you are paying for, especially if your surname is different from that of the registered student.

There are a number of charity organizations which provide sports subsidies to low-income families. We are not affiliated with any of them, and do not know what the criteria for them are, but for your convenience we have provided links to some that we have heard of here.



To Register Electronically:

Download the registration form here, fill out,  then email to





Online Registration!

F. A. Q. s


What about holidays?

Some months may have 5 classes and some

may have 3 due to a holiday such as Christmas.

We do not adjust monthly fees accordingly

because the fee is an annual fee

divided into 10.


Do I have to pay for the full month of June, even though classes end before the end of the month?

Yes. The monthly fee for June includes extra rehearsals and the year-end shows, and photo sitting. You'll be busier in June than at any other time of the year. And again, this month's fee is one-tenth of the annual fee.


Do all the classes run all year?

Most of them run from September to June.

Sometimes we will add classes part way through the year.

We also offer a few 6- or 8- or 10- or 12-week classes and summer camps and spring break camps. 

How many classes do we get?

The plan for year-long classes is for at least 33 classes plus a free photo sitting, plus extra year-end show rehearsals for those who wish to perform, plus dress rehearsal, and 1 or 2 shows. Some students may get extra rehearsal time in preparation for parades or special shows. 

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