Fund Raising News

Chilliwack Gymnastics Club and Dance School Fundraiser News Spring 2021

Starting immediately, our gymnastics club and dance school will be participating in a fundraiser from Mom's Pantry (grocery items). We are fundraising for repairs and purchases of mats and equipment, as well as for general maintenance and renovations in both the gym and dance studio. If you would like to help out, feel free to advertise this to your contacts any way you wish: social media, email, share your catalogue, etc.


Ask a staff member to give you a catalogue and order form. Only one catalogue per family. We can photocopy more order forms so ask for extras if you need. To order using the order forms, please check your orders carefully and make cheques payable to Chilliwack Gymnastics Club, or to Chilliwack Dance School, or pay using our debit machine, or etransfer to or Cash also works.



Go to the website and add items to your cart. At checkout you will need to search for our group name or enter these numbers:

Order number: 328332

Passcode: 18318

Then enter the name of the student your order is supporting.

Deadline: Please order by midnight on Monday, May 31, 2021.

Delivery: All orders will be delivered in one shipment free of charge to the gym/studio on or near Thursday, June 17, or you may request shipment to your home for a delivery charge (anywhere in Canada! Tell Grandma in Ontario!) but only non-perishable items will be allowed for separate deliveries.

PRIZES!! (choose to calculate totals per family or each student separately):

Level 1: Any order: receive a small bottle of hand sanitizer.

In addition, choose one prize at your level of sales or lower:

Level 2: Order/sell $100:      receive a Beanie, stuffed animal, or any other level 2 prize (various)

Level 3: Order/sell $200:      receive a t-shirt (Gymnastics Club or Dance School) or gymnastics shoes

Level 4: Order/sell $400:      receive a Gymnastics Club sweatshirt or hoodie or Dance School hoodie or a Chilliwack Gymnastics and Dance duffel bag or choose from our box of level 4 prizes (we have digital camera, headphones, dolls, and more!)

Level 5: Order/sell $600:      receive 10% of the value of your order applied to your account balance for gymnastics or dance classes, dance competitions, costumes, or anything else.

Level 6: Order/sell $1000:    Top Seller Prizes

Compete for the top seller overall! (minimum order total $1000). We'll go shopping for a Mountain Bike, Digital Camera, iPod 32GB or Tablet (or comparable prize you choose). Second and third prize given as well, if achieving Level 6.