Classes for the very Young

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Music and Movement

Music and Movement is geared toward the very young - ages 2 - 3 or 3 - 5. We will be learning to listen to the beat and keep time with the music, playing some games, (example: marching in time with "the ants go marching one by one"), using ribbon sticks, and learning some short sequences. Kids will learn some basic dance techniques such as pointing toes. We are putting together a routine for the recital in June (optional). Dance attire is encouraged but not required. 

Parents are welcome to stay and watch or drop off their children. 

Twinkies   (Ballet and Tap)

Children will learn tap and ballet technique in a structured class.
Dance attire is required.

Both tap and ballet shoes required.

For girls, please dress in bodysuit and tights. A small skirt is allowed but not required.

Tiny Dancers

Especially for the very young. Ages 2 - 4 will learn creative movement, ballet, tap, and jazz dancing. Dance attire is expected. Ballet or jazz shoes needed, plus tap shoes.

Age 2

Music and Movement Ages 2 - 3
Tiny Dancers Ages 2 - 4

Age 3

3-year-olds may choose between these classes:

Music and Movement for ages 2 - 3 or 3 - 5.

Twinkies (Ballet and Tap) for ages 3 - 5

Tiny Dancers Ages 2 - 4

Hip Hop Ages 3 - 6 short term

Introduction to Dance Ages 3 - 7

Age 4

For 4-year-olds we have the following options:

Music and Movement for ages 3 - 5

Twinkies (Ballet and Tap) for ages 3 - 5

Ballet for ages 4 - 7

Hip Hop Ages 3 - 6 short term

Introduction to Dance Ages 3 - 7

Age 5

Introduction to Dance

Intro to Dance exposes the student to four styles of dance in one class: ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop. You will need tap shoes, clean running shoes, and either ballet or jazz shoes. We offer this class in different age ranges: 3 - 7 or 5 - 10.

We have several classes for 5-year-olds:

All of the classes listed for 4-year-olds, plus:

Introduction to Dance ages 5 - 10 (ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop)

Break Dance Ages 5 - 12
Intro to Dance short term Ages 5 - 10.

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